Vote here what article should be Featured Article for upcoming weeks. Please write down Support or Oppose below the nominated article.


Each week you can nominate one article for nomination. You can vote one time per article. Whichever article has the most votes wins for the week, and the main page will be updated accordingly on Sunday. If there is a tie, the article that has the least amount of votes is nominated. Feel free to add losing articles again but don't do it a lot (we need other articles). Up to two times a losing article can be nominated (first time once it lost, second time). Any time after two weeks you can nominate a losing article.

79aznkid79 will update this with a template also: Featured Article Template. We will pick a picture to match the winning article. Articles nominated must have more than 350 bytes (including pictures, templates and categories) and you can not nominate anything else but mainspace articles. You must make one vote per nomination.

Please sign your name with signature button or using four tildes (~~~~), or your vote will not count. Furthermore, only registered users with 75 or more mainspace edits may vote. If there is a problem or a question, please put it in the talk page of this page. Be fair and don't start fights. This is for fun and to make members look at featured articles. If you oppose an article being featured, make sure to have a valid reason for opposing it (i.e. not just saying "I oppose 'cuz I hate this character" or similar).

  • You may not oppose an article due to being "too early" and not being aired yet in a country/portions around the world.
  • If there are no votes, then 79aznkid79 will randomly choose an article.